Doll House Update - Interior

Time for the rest of the doll house update.  First, I'd like to explain that the doll house MUST be done by this weekend (or at least presentable) because of E's party.  It's part of the decor of the day.  Second, here is the picture I was looking for of the exterior.  Here's what we started with:


And here is what we've done with the place. 
The only things I bought for this dollhouse were scrapbook papers for the wallpaper. 
This is not a professionally done dollhouse I'd like to remind you. 

But it does look like a-whole-nother house!
Here are the rooms labeled. 

Please note that since this picture above, I've painted chalk board paint above the music notes. 

Just a couple hiccups...

Master Bedroom:
I kinda wish this were my room.

Upstairs Hall:
I love this area.  I love the writing on the walls...

Living Room:
Used leftover paint from our hallway. 

Love this... wants to make me polka dot a room!

What do you think?  It was so easy, but VERY time consuming. 
But it was fun and yes, I want to play with it everyday!
So I can't wait until E is really old enough to sit and play!  I'll be right there with her!  :)

Now onto the few finishes and painting some of the furniture.

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