Letters to Ella { 1 }

Dear Ella,

Wow.  You are growing so fast I can't even believe it.  You are two!  And you are so smart and funny and all the other things moms will say about their little ones.  But you really are.  You really are very smart... picking up everything we say and do, having full conversations with me and your dad (and starting your own!).  You are aware of everything going on around you and you just love every bit of it.

You are so funny.  So funny.  I laugh at you everyday.  In a good way.  Yesterday Louie had gotten into some trash and it was all over the floor and you walked in and said "Damn Dogs!"  I had to bite my tongue not to laugh.  You swear Princess Jasmine is an ice skater.  You say silly things all the time.  You laugh when others laugh loud so they will hear you and laugh more.  You love to be the little clown.  I hope you keep all of this humor.  I hope nothing dashes it down.  Humor can help you through a lot of things and times.  I hope nothing breaks you of your comic-ness.

You know you are cute.  So stinking cute.  You look adorable in whatever you have on, or even if you are defying us in getting dressed, your little tushie looks pretty cute running around all over!  Your smile is sweet and perfect.  Your smile makes others smile.  My mini model.  You love wearing dresses and dancing.  Compliments come all the time on just how cute you are.  But don't let that get to you... I hope you don't get a big head.  Beauty is not everything.  There is so much that goes into beauty that is more than what we see on the surface.  Not all Beautiful People are Beautiful People.  I hope that you become a Beautiful person.  Even more than you already are. 

You are strong and defiant in more ways than one!  You love to climb and jump and slide.  You have very little fear.  Some is good. Last night you were jumping off your bed.  And when you are ok, you let us know by saying "I'm ok Mom/Dad."  We just hear thuds and wait for your ok that you are ok.  You are in gymnastics now and that wears me out. I wish it would wear you out, but you might be one of the strongest in the class.  And I'm not lying -- your father and I already talked about how we would tell you if you sucked at something ;) Don't let your defiance and stubbornness get in the way.  You will grow out of certain aspects of it, but I hope to instill in you the knowing of when to obey and listen rather than question.  Continue to question!  Don't always just take things as they are.  Questioning is something good.  It's how we grow and learn.  But don't do it out of spite or anger. 

You are smart and kind.  I hope that your father and I can continue to give you what you need.  We will not always give you what you want.  I hope you don't fully remember these first couple years because you got a lot of what you wanted.  Everyone should want a little bit.  I think it makes you work harder for things in the end.  Handing it all to you would be in an injustice to you.  You are smart and you will learn that there is always a means to an end.  If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it.  If you need it, we will provide.  Remember that not everyone has everything.  Certain things in our lives are a privilege and just know that there might be a friend of yours who doesn't have that.  Be conscious of that.  Money doesn't grow on trees and not everyone is as fortunate as the rest. 

I will do my best to make your life wonderful.  But know that along the way I will attempt to teach you about life.  About hard work.  About love.  About family.  About fun.  About others.  About gratitude.  About respect.  And about many many other things.  Life will not always be easy.  And I hope it's not.  But I hope it's easier than mine.  I hope to give that to you.  I hope to be able to keep your life worry-less and fun but not so much that you become carefree and unaware.  You probably think you have it tough now, but believe me, there will be many more tears in about 14 years.

We love you.

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