Joyfolie Summer Sale

Anyone else have a slight obsession with children's shoes?  No?  Crap, is it just me?  They are just so cute and fun and cute!

When Ells was little I stumbled upon this adorable shoe line called Joyfolie.  They are to this day one of my favorites even if I have only ever ordered 1 pair.  Now though, she's at an age that she can wear them (better) and they are having a sale!

30% off Site wide!
Code: SummerFun30
*Not valid on things marked NEW*

I love it!  So.... Here's what I have my eye on...
And hurry and check it out... because it ends TODAY!





These last shoes are only like $39 + shipping!  
What a steal! 

Do you have a Summer Sale to share?!

*All photos from Joyfolie*

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