30 Before Thirty (In Less Than 60 Days)

Happy Monday Blog Hogs!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  It was a bit chilly here, but still beautiful out and Mr. K and I were able to get some landscaping (very little) projects done and we went to a park both days and rode the carousel there both days which Ells loves... and I loved that we had time to do it!  Hockey is kind of on a break which has allowed for more "family" time which has been nice!

But last week I realized that I am turning 30 in a bit... like less than 60 days... and while nothing is wrong with that, I just felt like I needed to try to do some things - some fun thing, some boring thing, some "me" things - before the time comes! 

So I came up with this list...

30 Before Thirty --- For me.

1. Participate in a race
2. Travel somewhere we haven’t been
3. Go to a concert
4. Treat myself to a massage - 5.3.14
5. Weekend Getaway with Spouse
6. Have a Garage Sale or Take things to Consignment!  Clean House!
7. Get a facial.
8. Go on a girls trip
9. Reorganize a space in the house completely
10. Start a Summer Tradition
11. Make a fitness goal and achieve it!
12. Get out of Debt
13. Visit a State Park
14. Visit a National Park
15. Host a Brunch
16. Try a new restaurant
17. Get at least 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep
18. Go to a professional sporting game
19. Unplug for a weekend
20. Volunteer somewhere - 5.2.14
21. Learn how to take better pictures.
22. Write in Journal once a week for a month.
23. Have a date night.
24. Go to a drive-in movie.
25. Go to the FW Zoo.
26. See a play
27. Have a picnic
28. Go to Chicago
29. Get a Haircut & Style!
30. Finish Divergent Series… haha

Not sure how it will go, but I'll try to update each week!  So far, since May 1st, when I thought of the idea, I've done 2 things.  I had a massage, and I volunteered somewhere.  I feel like we did so many things this weekend, but really we ate and went to the park - hah.  So now, to go through the calendar and see if I can get all of these done before June 25th!

I think I can do this... we plan on Taking Ella to see Mary Poppins at Beef & Boards - a dinner theater here - and we will be going to the zoo soon in Fort Wayne because it's all we can talk about lately!  I'm a little more worried about things like sleep, Chicago, Drive-In (because I don't know of any around here), and a race because I'm just not sure if I'm (1) ready or (2) will be able to find one! 

We will see how it goes!  Maybe I can accomplish one today! 

Happy Monday!

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