The 21-Day Sugar Detox

Sugar… It’s in everything. This is something I knew, but recently had to accept when I started the 21-Day Sugar Detox with Mr. K last weekend. I’m not sure what the push was that actually made us go through with it, but it happened. We went to Sam’s Club and loaded up on water, veggies, meat, and almonds. Oh, and coconut oil. And it was on.

No noodles and pasta. No bread. No fruit. No soda. No fun.

We started it not really knowing what we were doing. We hadn’t bought the book. We didn’t have more than a list of good foods and bad foods to go off of and a few recipes we had pulled from Pinterest. We were flying semi-blind.

We started on a Saturday so we could cook everything and really give it a full out “go” as far as following the game plan was concerned. We pretty much stuck to the following: eggs, bacon, spinach, almonds, mushrooms, onions, and water. That was for the first couple day. We were pretty strict. In the book there are different levels. I took the quiz and we were level 1 which is the strictest. It says you can have a few “extra” things like a Granny Smith Apple once a day, but no more than that.

Breakfasts consist of many scrambled eggs, onions, mushrooms, bacon, etc. We occasionally made more intricate dishes like bacon wrapped eggs with spinach and mushroom. Those were pretty good.

Snacks were usually salami and almonds.

Lunches we tried a few things like shredded chicken, avocado, and homemade Pico de Gallo. Delish.

Then we tried Chipotle Chicken Salad with homemade mayonnaise = eww. I was not a fan. Now they pretty much consist of spinach salads with hard boiled eggs, carrots, celery, onions, bacon, garbanzo beans, and oil & vinegar for dressing (from Marsh). This works well for me during the work week.

Afternoon Snacks – Lemon or Lime water & almonds. Occasionally some homemade Pico by the spoonful.

Dinner we’ve tried Cinnamon Chipotle Sliders with sautéed mushrooms and onions. They were ok. Then we tried a rump roast in the crock pot with chicken broth, mushroom and onions. It was ok. Then we had plain pork chops and chicken. One night we had steak. All were ok. The less involved the dish, the better it tended to be.

It does take a lot of preparation which we’ve noticed we are lacking going into week 2. Lots of chopping, cooking, baking, etc. And when you work or are busy that can be a lot to take on. So we tried our best. Now I’m sure we’ll find easier ways to do it. I swear if you can get through the first week of a new diet, lifestyle, etc… you can do it much longer than you think! Because you learn what works and what doesn’t. And know how to make it work better with your lifestyle!

So now that I feel I’ve eaten an entire pig and a good amount of chickens (eggs and thighs), we are kind of loving it. Day 3 I was craving chocolate and crunchy things but I held on. As of last Friday I had lost 10 lbs and Mr K had lost 12. He cheated a bit, but still lost and still kind of amazing. I’m proud of us that we made it to day 6. Haha. That sounds awful, but we had a weekend where cheating was inevitable so we picked it up today again.

But I like it. It’s very Paleo-esque and the detox is only 21 days. So today I’ll start it up again. It (I’ve now got the e-book) says once you cheat you should start back at day one, but I’m just going to see if I can do it for another 15 days which I think I can. I bet I could probably do it through next weekend. After the “detox” portion is over, I think we are going to try to follow a more paleo diet. Mr. K loves meat and eggs.

Hardest part for me – Crunchy things gone and celery doesn’t count!

Hardest part for Mr. K – No Coke.

Anyone else tried the 21-Day Sugar Detox? Or follow a Paleo diet? I’d love to hear what you think! Or tricks you’ve learned!



Kristina Smith said...

Great article Abby! We've included a link in our curated guide at http://www.detoxdietandcleanse.com

Mindvalley said...

I love the post. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Very inspiring!

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