12 Days of Christmas :: Her Gift Guide for Him

I don't know about you, but I really hate trying to figure out what my husband will like or need... And over the years I've figured out what might work and what won't...

Here are a few picks that I'm sure would work for all the men in my life... brothers and father included.

1.  Shaving Set -- Ones like these are available at Macy's and are from The Art of Shaving.  Really nice sets for the guys!

2.  Ray Bans -- You can find these all over the place and they are a super nice gift that will last forever!

3.  Socks -- Get him some nice dress socks like these that will look good under his trousers! 

4.  Leather Duffel -- Grab a nice one at Fossil or Macy's and it's sure to please!  Plus it will last a lifetime! 

5.  Chuck Taylors -- What guy doesn't want these?  My husband asked for a pair this year so we got him some that are not your ordinary Chucks, similar to these...

6.  Golf Polo -- This is the exact one (shown) I got my brother the other day at Macy's.  It's a great shirt and you can always find a deal at Macy's.  If not, try TJ Maxx or your local golf store.  Linked is a similar one, but Macy's had more options in their stores.

7.  The Martian -- Most guys need a good book to read and I heard this one is a quick one at that!  I want to read it too, but I figured it's a good pick for the guy in your life!

And there you have it...
All these items should be available at a store close to you! 
Down to 2 days to shop so get your shop on tonight!

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