12 Days of Christmas :: The Nutcracker

Hello Hello! 
I'm back again just in time for the holidays!  Felt like sharing a few "12 days of Christmas" posts over the next few days to get into the holiday mood!

My little one has been chatting about ballet a lot lately.  She's been doing plies in the kitchen and lots of first and second positions so I thought it would be fun to go and see a version of The Nutcracker.  I remember going to see them every year when I was younger, whether with my mom or my grandma, I feel like we went quite often.  And we always got gussied up.  It was always a treat and very fun!

So... We tried to get gussied up, but the weather was really messing with my head as far as what to wear.  It was 70 degrees on Dec 12th and we were all in a funk with regards to sweaters.  So we both dressed comfortably instead. 

We headed over to Zionsville Performing Arts to see the Central Indiana Dance Ensemble present their version of The Nutcracker.

While I remember it being a little more intricate, it was perfect for my Ells.  She didn't quite understand the story, but it kept her attention and interest.  She thought it was funny and loved the pretty dancers.  The dancers were pretty good - a few were really great!  The people in the lobby working the sales tables and doors were super pleasant and I don't think you could really have a bad seat in that theater. 

And of course, we got a Nutcracker to start her a collection.  I think we'll probably go every year.  We might try different ones... but hopefully next year she'll be in dance so we'll have a heads up on the best in town.  However, this one was just fine. 

Overall it was a great way to start a tradition with my little.  She loved it.... I loved watching her love it... and all was wonderful until she fell asleep as the Flowers came onto the stage and then woke up yelling "It's not over" as I was walking out with her because all the dancers were taking their bows...
But we will definitely go again! 

And she watched The Nutcracker on YouTube kids all the way home...

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