12 Days of Christmas :: Last Minute Kiddos Gift Guide

I thought it would be mince to feature things that you can still get if you are trying to figure out a few last minute things... Since we are only at 2 more shopping days...

These are some favorites in our house that should all be readily available at Target, Meijer, etc... Things you should have locally!
1.  Shopkins -- The latest craze for little ones... My Ells loves these and the element of surprise gives them a one up on other gifts! 
Where to find?  Meijer, Walmart, Target, Everywhere...
2. Kinetic Sand -- While I personally think these are gross out in stores, if it's your own it's different!  This sand is super cool with the way it takes shape to just about anything!
Where to find?  Michaels, Brookstone
3.  Books -- Holiday ones of course!  I love that we pull out these holiday versions before the big day and read them along the way...
Where to find?  Barnes & Noble
4. Inside Out -- A perfect thing to add to under the tree...
Where to find?  Just about everywhere (I think)
5.  iPad Mini & iTunes Gift Card -- I know kids these days have too much screen time, but we love our iPad mini as it makes many trips with us and it's always something new if you add new apps regularly.
Where to find?  Apple, Meijer, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc...
6.  Junior Legos -- These are mid size legos.. not too big, not too small.  And while you'll probably still have to help them create these fun scenes, you'll definitely have a great time together!
7.  Color Wonder -- This is my favorite type of coloring for the littles.  It's mess free and it helps them see that coloring inside the lines can be fun.  While I don't like to take the "color in the lines" too seriously, this is a fun and magical way to teach them.
8.  Elf on the Shelf & Elf Pets -- We recently added Reindeer Polly to our lives this past weekend and you already know Big Christmas.  These are fun ways to add holiday cheer.  And the best thing about the Elf Pets is that they get their magic from cuddling them -- My Ells hasn't let hers go since we got her on Saturday.
Where to find?  Target, Von Maur (where we got ours)

Happy Shopping! 

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