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Happy Turkey Day Week!  Thanksgiving is becoming a lost holiday I feel like... But I thought I'd give you a head start on your holiday shopping (for yourself) instead of having to wait for Black Friday.  Deals are found all the time on Craigslist. 

If you've followed me for a while now you know I love craigslist.  Occasionally I just peruse what's available for fun but most of the time I'm looking for something specific.  While looking for a couple of things I came across these great finds in Indy!  I wish I had an unlimited amount of money!  Here are my favorite recent finds that you need to go buy! 

image 1

Ummm... this mantle is one of my absolute favorite finds EVER!  I love it's chippiness and details... AND AN AMAZING Price of only $135.  It is at a local antique booth so could be gone already, but I suggest running anyways! 

image 1

This dresser is blowing my mind.  The color :: Perfection!   Condition seems exquisite!  And I am just dying over it seriously... I might go in offering a little lower on the price, listed at $199, but I think it's a great piece so probably well worth it! 

image 1

And this dresser would coordinate with the dresser above nicely if you were looking for two bedside tables with storage.  I'm thinking I need both.  I love the curvy top and the condition again looks awesome. 

image 1

I've been crushing on these ottomans for a while now.  My only dilemma with them is that I don't like them without these covers.  I think the covers are cute and different, but without them, they are not my fave.  Listed for $60 for both they are a good price though...

image 1

I'm in love with these retro vintage chairs.  I'd love them for my patio.  I just think they are fun and funky.  I like adding quirk to décor.  It makes it more fun and these would definitely add some character to any patio!  And at $70 for the set, you could give them a quick coat of spray paint in the spring and they are perfect! 

image 1

I thought this cabinet was very cool.  I love the chevron pattern on the bottom which would be very cool whitewashed I think.  Seems like a piece that was ahead of it's time. 

So that's how I get through days without really shopping... I just pick out pieces I'd love to have and share them with others!  I hope they find good homes! 

Found any fun craigslist finds lately? 

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