Stuckey Farm -- Apple Orchard

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Remember back when I made an apple pie and posted it on IG
Well that's when we went to the Apple Orchard.  We ended up at Stucky Farms
Great pick I must say.  It was a gorgeous day.  It took us about 35 minutes to get there since it's on the edge Hamilton & Boone counties, but well worth it. 
It ended up being around 80 degrees out so we were a little warm but the breeze helped. 
And while the farm was busy, it was wonderful!  They had a huge slide for kids, a playground, tractor rides, pedal go karts, pumpkin picking, apple picking, apple cider donuts, and much more!

We paid $5 each to enjoy the activities going on around the farm. 
You could skip that and just pick pumpkins and apples, but we were there and we had nothing else to do so we let Ells enjoy herself. 

This girl loves a pony. 
I'm not sure what she's thinking about here, but I love her faces.

And surprisingly she fed the goats with her bare hands which was so cute to see!

For some reason we decided to skip the pumpkin picking because it's not really real and that drives Mr K bonkers!  He hates that they cut them and throw them out in a field.  It makes me laugh.

But we headed over to the apple orchard and were off to picking those. 
There was never a moment where this girl did not have an apple [or two] in her hands.

See what I mean? 
We couldn't even take a family pic without her eating one.

And now I want to take any and all pictures in the apple orchard. 
They are my favorites.

It was a great day of family fun just hanging out outside and eating a picking apples. 

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