{Late} Halloween Recap

Yes I know it's been almost a week!  Yes, I know!  

On Friday, Elsa made her way into our home and down the street.  
She wasn't bothered by the [freezing] cold anyway.. 
I was fully prepared by reading this article from Blog Her as I assumed I'd see hundreds of Elsas...

Anyways, we let Ells wear her "new" Elsa dress during the day as sort of a dress rehearsal. 

That wig was a mess that I tried to tame... 

Then, Mr K and I finished the decorations around 5pm.
Trick or Treating strarted at 5:30pm.
Nothing like working up to the deadline!

He's my favorite new edition. 

And of course, the box.  Mr K had the fog and sounds on remote this year to scare the kiddos. 

Then Elsa was ready to go...

It was so windy and so cold that her wig that I had attached to a winter hat underneath fell off and we were freezing so we decided about 15 houses was enough!  

Then she had the best time handing out candy at the door! 

Small recap, but still wanted to share!  Off to plan next year.
Oh yea, and it was all cleaned up by 10:30pm as we were leaving for the weekend!  haha

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