Michaels Love & Gifting

Do you ever have moments where you just fall back in love with a store?
I had that moment last week when I ran into Michaels and found these beauties. 
Not that I ever fell out of love with them...

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I already posted the picture above on Saturday.
But it got me thinking that these would make great gifts for coworkers, students, girlfriends, etc!  Just by adding a little something to each they are great! 

I had a couple of things lying around the house so I thought this would be a perfect little gift package for the girls on my team at work.  We all love wine and my little stoppers are fun... DIY stoppers.  I think I blogged about them somewhere along the lines.  And my little DIY animal jewelry dishes have been a hit with all those who have received them.

This package would be perfect for the under $10 or $15 gift exchange if you had that too... And all things fit nicely in the little pouch - the most expensive thing at $5 - and are super easy to make!

Then there's this little journal.  It was only $3.  And while I bought this one for myself and our Maeve business, this is along with a gold sharpie is a great little holiday gift!  First, who doesn't love sharpies!?!  And second, I swear that you can never have enough notebooks! 

I think I love them because they remind me of those from Kate Spade...
1 // 2

The colors are just classy and very trendy right now. 
And polka dots on anything make my heart skip a beat.  I just love them.

So... anything you are getting gifts ready for? 
I'll have some more ideas along the way, but can you believe Christmas is only like 45 days away?! 
Are you ready?

Happy Monday!

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