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I fell in love with the Seersucker + Saddles back in 2013... maybe even in 2012.  Beth is this adorable blonde with a pixie-esque hair cut and a unique sense of style. I swear that someone who resembles her is somewhere DEEP Down inside of me just waiting to come out!  Ha!

 photo HEADER_2_zpsc36cbf18.png

I think this is one of my very favorite outfits that I first saw...
I love how she mixes the super ripped jeans with all things classic!


This would be a great outfit to wear to work -- If I ever got dressed up :)


And I love the casual comfiness of this set... 


That scarf is sold out but this one on my list... MUST HAVE!  
Beth is probably one of my favorite fashion bloggers because I feel like she wears REAL outfits that you and I could recreate.  

Her bags and accessories are always amazing...

So if you have a minute I hope you'll go blogstalking a little bit over at Seersucker + Saddles because there is so much to take in!  Love the way she does daring mixes and color choices and they always seem to work!

Thanks for all the inspiring style Beth!

*all photos from the Seersucker + Saddles Blog*

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