-- Featuring a Follower - First Edition --

Although there are only a few of you, I'd like to let you know that I appreciate the fact that I know someone is looking, seeing, hearing about, or reading my blog.  I know sometimes it's a lot of random nothingness and I appreciate you coming back for more... even if it is just more random nothingness. 

So today I thought I'd "Feature a Follower." 

Today's follower is...
(wait for it, wait for it)

According to Michelle's "about" page, she is a creative photographer!  LOVE and Jealousy are seeping out of me right now!  She has the most beautiful pictures for sale in her Etsy shop!  Click here to see them! 

This one is from her blog. 

 You know what else I love about her blog?  She's got the greatest pictures of FOOD!  It's making me hungry right now! 

So go on over and check out Michelle's Blog - Flourishing Networks

1 comment:

Flourishing Networks said...

Oh Thank you sooo much I really appreciate this:) have a wonderful weekend.

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