New Floors { Y A Y }

The day had come... 
I'd been holding onto my gift card for about 6 months or so... 
Our carpet was starting to rip up in some areas...
I couldn't wait... 

So Mr K & I hopped in the car while Ells was at the babysitter and went and purchased our flooring. 
Hello Home Depot. 

They barely fit in our car.
We need a truck.

When we got home, we tore up the carpet even though the floors needed to "acclimate" for about 48 hours.
The carpet was just gross.  Like so glad I didn't take a picture of it gross because you might never read my blog again.  Well not that gross, but still...

No turning back now... 

Then we waited the 48ish hours and started... 
The neighbors thought we were having a garage sale because this is where we moved the furniture during the process.  Thank goodness it didn't rain. 

And we used the middle grade of subfloor that you could get.  We looked for the cheapest and then we looked for the second cheapest and honestly there is no cheap.  
So middle ground ran us about $35 per roll. 
Rolled that out first.  We only did one area at a time due to the room and area we were working in. 

Then it was time to start on the floors.  
See the frustration? 
Starting the floors was the hardest part.  Once we got going it wasn't too bad.  

My little cutie brother trying to figure it out with Mr K. 

Doesn't it look so much better?  I can't even believe we waited so long!

Taking a break... 
It kills your back, your hips, your feet, your knees... 
Ugh... I needed another vacation afterwards just to recoup from the pains

I couldn't skip this picutre... if you follow me on IG, you already saw it.  
And if you don't, then go follow me!  @lmmblog on Instagram. 
Doesn't he look like a high school gym teacher with those socks?  
Happy Anniversary Hun!

My little tornado seems to like it... 
And yes, she dumped the tokens all over the floor and then made floor angels we were calling them. 
And yes, this is typically what my house looks like.  
No judging. 

Once all the floor was down, we did hit one little snag... 
The transition.  We are baffled and will have to cut it down, but we haven't gotten there yet. 

But what do you think? 



It really opens it up and I couldn't be happier!  :)

Soon i'll post the room all put back together, but we still need to finish up the quarter round and the transition strips.  Once those are good, everything will go back to it's home for good!  :)

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