Rug Inspiration

Remember last week when I shared that we had redone our living room floors?  

Well now we need a rug.  
Like yesterday. 

So... I was trying to find something reasonably priced that wouldn't break the bank and have been coming up short.  The problem?  I need an 8x10 or bigger.  Fail. 

I had looked online and was coming up around the $400-$600 range that I just cannot do right now.  It's just not in my budget so I decided to look at Target.  They really have some great choices, but not in huge sizes.  The bigger sizes in some are available online though. 

Here are the ones I found that I liked.  

I really like the look and feel fontina rug but it's a 5x7, it's all cream, and that's 2 strikes because is an all cream rug really practical for my lifestyle?  

Then there's this guy... Who's adorable, soft, comes in a 7x9, goes with my color schemee and adds a little bit of texture with the pattern. He's got a lot going for him. 

But then there's my favorite... From Nate Berkus but he only comes in a 5x8 so I would need 2 of them and they'd have to be professionally bound together so that makes the $200 Target version $400+ once all is said and done... 

So the search continues... I am looking at RugsUSA, Overstock, and Urban Outfitters (surprisingly). I will see what I can find and hopefully recap soon. 

Why is picking a rug so hard for me?  It feels like such a commitment!  Like more than buying a house or a car...  Ugh. 

But until then, here are a few inspiration rooms that I keep in the back of my mind when thinking of my living room.  I'd love to obtain these looks in my house!  

Happy Friday!

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