House Tour :: Ella's Room { Update }

Ahhh... the only room in the house that is clean & finished (for now).
Don't you love that feeling? 

Let's just enjoy for a moment...

Ok, moment over. 
Man that was short...

Ella's Room...
Yes... I think I'm finally done for now with most of it.  It's clean, she likes it, and it works. 
I've tried to mix old and new and still use pieces from her room when it was still a Nursery.

You might remember it from my post here and how we were in transition...

Well now it's good to go...
At least for a little while...

When you walk in the door, there is a basket of animals to the right by your feet.  The animals were all mine or my siblings so she rarely plays with them.  Your eye is drawn to the chalk print, made by me, and the small gallery wall. I used prints from Sarah M Dorsey Designs.  The Carousel is from Goodwill and used to be crazy browns and blues and reds.  Ella loved it so much she asked me to put it on her wall everyday.  Then one day I told her I could paint it and here it is!  And honestly, I love it. 

The Mirror is from Ella's nursery and Walmart and then I gave it a quick spray.
Still in love with my Jenny Lind style bed found downtown for $60.  I love pieces like this that give the room a little nod to the past and add so much more character than big box store pieces can.

Her side table needs a coat of paint, but it was a freebie from a friend.  I have it sitting sideways to make the bed fit better on this wall.  And a little piggy bank from my late cousin Patrick sits on her side table. 
I know he's watching down on her so I think it's nice for it to be right next to her bed where she can see it and ask about it and I can tell her about who gave it to her. 

And music... Music is key for bedtime.
It's been Bedtime with the Beatles Lullabies since she was a baby.

Not sure how the owl thing started.  I found this large owl pillow at Garden Ridge one day and then the sheets at TJ Maxx another.  It was never my intention to have them all over the room, but the colors worked.  Then my mom gave her the little guy who smells like camomille and lavendar to help her sleep. 

Other pillows on the bed were scores as well.  The purple puckered round one is from Urban Outfitters and the Teal green ones are from Target's ReStyled Collection for dorms.  I found them at Goodwill, and washed them well, but they only cos me about $2.

This corner looks like kind of a hot mess in pictures. 
I wasn't sure what to put on the dresser, so books are lined up there so Ells can pick them out before bed. 
And while the humidifier and vicks vaporizor do not look pretty in pictures, they are real life so they stay!
And Yurtle the Turtle makes bedtime much more fun putting starts and "Mr Moon" on the ceiling.

Well there you  have it!  Ella's room all grown up... 
I do much enjoy how I'm able to use the pieces now and I really didn't have to get rid of anything except the crib.  I think I'll make sure to do that for baby #2 and get pieces of furniture that can grow with them and will work in their rooms until they go away to college ;) 

Favorite room in the house! 
(probably because it's done & clean) 

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