NYC Day 2

Moving right along with my little story from my trip to NYC.  If you didn't see my post yesterday about visiting Lady Liberty, check it out here.  
The next day we were escorted by a port officer and I got this shot of the Brooklyn Bridge from the car. 
The friend I was travelling with had mentioned that she wanted to go to the Cake Boss bakery if we could and by chance we ended up in Jersey to be able to do so.  We were dropped off while our driver took a couple laps around the block.  

It's pretty commercialized in there... which is actually kind of sad.  
I wonder what it really looked like prior to them having their show.  

Don't mind the bald guy... 

Then we hopped into Hoboken (not sure if we were already there) for lunch.  What a super cute little place!  

I really liked the Elk sitting in front of this gorgeous building but it's hard to see in this picture.  

Then we walked by the place where the first REAL baseball game was played?  I end that with a question mark because we weren't quite sure what that meant!  But each corner of that block was marked with a base.. we were on 2nd.. and the intersection had a huge baseball done in bricks on it.  It was very cool.

Then we grabbed some pizza.  We assumed New York and New Jersey would have the same type of pizza and apparently we found out later in the week that it was most definitely not...
But we sure enjoyed it!

I was going to do day 3 at the same time, but it included Times Square and for a newbie to NYC, I took way too many pictures!  
So Times Square another day!  It was amazing! 

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