Party Inspiration :: July 4th

This is one of those holidays that is just plain fun.  Whenever I think of July 4th, I think of {obviously} fireworks, bon fires, sweatshirts and smores, lightning bug catching, lakes, yard games, brats, watermelon, etc.  All good things.  The heart of the summer.

And while we don't usually have a real party for this occasion, we do celebrate on a small scale.  Fireworks are always shot off in the backyard or the street out front. But with the holiday being on a Saturday this year, it leaves a little recovery from a good time!  And lately I've been craving a crab boil... I think this might be the perfect time!
This photo is from an anthropologie post card and honestly I can't get it out of my head...

So... I'm thinking about recreating and celebrating our 4th this way! 
Here are some inspiration photos, and decoration ideas for your 4th!
I'm really loving this mood board from The Glitter Guide.  I like it for it's muted tones and classic North East Look... don't you just think of New England when you think of July 4th?  Maybe it's just me, but I think Independence from Britain, the first settlers, old new England towns and their amazing architecture, and ode to the past! 
We have all the things to make this happen thanks to Maeve

These cupcakes are adorable and look pretty easy.
This is such a fun way to decorator your yard!  This one used flour, but I think there are certain paints you can spray that wash away with water! 

Love.  Just love.  Paper streamers mixed in with the café lights are a done deal and easy peasy!
A smore station... I like the idea of having options. 

And this tablescape is perfection. 

Yes, I think this clambake is happening!  And you might not see pictures b/c it might be a totally impromptu happening and not all dolled up but we shall see...

Happy 4th!

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