NYC Day 2.2

Continuing on with the recap of my New York trip in the absolute longest way possible!  Since there would have been too many pictures for my last post to handle, I decided to split day two.  See the first half here.

When we were finished with our work we got dropped off in the Financial District where we were staying. Let me tell you that it's a madhouse down there!  People pay no attention to crossing signs, street signs, police, etc!  It's amazing how many people just flood the streets during rush hour and don't even acknowledge cars!  I wouldn't have survived without a driver!

But then we walked to Chinatown!  YEA!  Well, it wasn't really what I expected, but it's ok.  It was a ton of little markets that were all the same!  They literally all sold all the same things.  And it was sometimes a little smelly in places, but that's the fun of a big city, right!?

Then because we were completely confused, we hopped a cab to the other side of the island!  We headed over to The High Line which was actually kind of great.  Aside from {more} walking, it was perfect!  The views were beautiful, the atmosphere was just relaxed and zen, the plants were gorgeous, and the pieces of art scattered throughout were really quite impressive.  The obvious thought that went into this above ground park was really refreshing.

Then on the way down we walked through The Chelsea Market for a few and hit up the largest Anthro I had seen until a couple days later when I saw an even bigger one in Rockefeller Plaza... Let's ignore my Anthro Obsession right now... But I snapped a picture of these books for inspiration for Maeve

Then we walked the streets {for what seemed like forever} while I kept my eyes open for Carole Radziwill or Bethenny Frankel... to find Barbuto, a restaurant by Jonathan Waxman who apparently was on Top Chef... ???  The Chicken was delish!

And these streets made me swoon every time...

Tomorrow (hopefully) Day 3!

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