NYC Day 3.2 :: Walking Around

Day three was full of walking... especially since we had a short work day.  After we had lunch at Starlight and walked to Times Square, we were off on our way to find FAO Schwartz.  Which let me preface this entire timeline with "the entire time we were searching for FAO Schwartz."  Somewhere along the lines, FAO Schwartz was listed as Times Square.  NOT TRUE.  But because we thought it was in Times Square, we walked all over the place looking for it and found all these amazing treasures that were on our to-do list as well!  Also... very glad we went as apparently it's selling this space and will be no longer very soon.

First, Byrant Park.  We accidentally ran in to this one.  The trek started in Times Square and we ended up here at one point.  Unbelievably Beautiful.  Serene in the middle of madness.  I could have probably sat there all day if I had the time.   It was perfection.  My favorite park.

Then the walking began again.  The New York City Public Library was just up the road.  Gahhh... It's beautiful.  The architecture was just old world charm and sophistication.  I really wanted to visit the grand study hall, but it was under renovation.  I just kept thinking of the burning of the books to stay warm in The Day After Tomorrow.  All my "to-dos" came from the movies so... yea... don't judge!  I was a first timer!  We happened upon the side entrance...

The lights and staircases were huge.  Seriously... these places were just beautiful! 

Look at this ceiling in there!

And here is it... the Grand Study Hall -- CLOSED FOR RENOVATION.  When trying to explain the room I was referring to the only thing that came to mind that was relevant to moms of 3 year olds was Monsters University!  Then when I referenced The Day After Tomorrow following that comment everyone knew what I was talking about.
Woamp Woamp

There were also busts like this all over the place.  They made it seem so dramatic in there.  It was like a museum. 

And of course... Carrie's Staircase...
And if you don't know how Carrie is, then we can't be friends.

The front was just as beautiful as every bit inside and the huge sitting lions were icing on the exterior cake!

Then more walking led to more beautiful buildings.  How many times can one say beautiful when it comes to New York City?!  I don't' think you can say it enough.

And shopping and hotels!  The Roosevelt!

And on to Grand Central Station... Another place we accidentally walked by, but then had to go in of course!  At first I was not impressed...

Then I was amazed and astonished by the grandness of this place and the utter bewitching nature of this place.  I could have stood on the steps for hours, watching people, observing the ceiling, finding new things I hadn't seen yet!  It was unreal.

And deep down I was hoping for a Flash Mob...

A quick glimpse of the Chrysler Building...

And we made it... to FAO Schwartz and we were so tired I forgot to take a picture of the place.  And the two kids who were playing the soldiers outside did not hold the door for me or make it magical and they were acting all weird while talking drama to some friends... fail.

But across the street was The Plaza... I sooooo wanted to go in and have Tea at The Plaza, or even just go in, but we were done for the day...

This city is seriously amazing!  And I have 2 more days to share!  I took over 1000 photos... again, don't judge.  I didn't want to missing anything.  FOMO.  Serious FOMO.  It was a trip that I'll have to majorly save up for to do again!

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