-- Black Friday Tips --

Yes, it is upon us again and I was reading Abby over at Babbling Abby this morning and she's a part of this 12 days of Christmas link party with Analyze This so I thought, what the heck... I'm an old pro, right?!?  And I'll try to do them all!!! 

1.  Definitely know what you want/need.  This can be confusing.  If you are looking at the ads and see all kinds of items you want, but only have $300 to spend then you probably can't want it all.  Dwindle it down to the most important...and if you are like me, you won't get anything for yourself!  Make a practical list and stick to the list! Get ready here.  

The tree in it's first season.
2.  Don't be afraid to use your body parts to your advantage to what you wanted... I mean, needed.  Two years ago, my mom and I saw an artificial tree at home depot for $30.  Now, I had no idea that there would be a line at Home Depot at 5am, but good thing they opened at 5am and not 4am or we wouldn't have gotten it.  My mom yelled at me to go grab a cart while she sprawled her body over top of the box and laid on it so no one would grab the last one.  I wish I had time to take a picture.  Maybe we'll do a reenactment.  Which brings me to my next tip. 

3.  Know what time what stores open so you can plan accordingly.  If you only want...I mean need... one thing at a couple of stores, hop around.  I forget what we did last year, but we went to stores that opened at 4am, 4:30am, and 5am. 

The Target Lady
4.  Shop in Numbers.  This way, if it's cold...two can sit in the car while one waits in line.  Or one can drive home while her mom thinks she forgot her debit card so the waiting isn't for nothing.  <-- Yes, this happened last year. 

5.  Bundle up!  If you are hard core like us (not really, but it's fun to think so) you'll need the layers.  Once you get inside, throw them in the cart when you have a minute. 

6.  Remember what matters.  If you don't get what you wanted... I mean needed... then you can get it later or maybe you didn't need it that much anyways!  It's about the Joy of the Season! 

Happy Hunting Blog Hogs!


Molly said...

Love these. That's hilarious about the Christmas tree shopping event, love it!

Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

Kit said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing these tips!!!!

Michelle said...

You're right, needs/wants is a tough line. This year, I think I'm leaving the plastic at home and doing cash only!

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