-- Wedding Wednesday -- Ruby Slippers --

So I totally woke up today thinking it was Thursday.  I have Fridays off which makes Thursdays so bearable, but not this week.  Now that I know it's Wednesday I'm totally bummed. 

In keeping with our Halloween recap, I thought I'd go Dorothy on you.  :)  I kept telling Mike we needed a pair of Ruby Red Slippers to put under the monster box.  I think it would have been funny.  He didn't like so much. 

But any of these pairs would do, don't you think?  Did you wear colored shoes for your wedding day?  Mine were bronzy... with some jewels, but a friend of mine wore purple and I've seen some sassy hot pink ones lately!  :)

The Ruby Slippers
From Mfrezza @ circle.stylemepretty.com
 Which ones would Dorothy wear to your wedding?!?

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