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I've had these frames from Target for 2 years.  They were just a set of 10 that you can get there for like $30.  I got them for Christmas back then.  They've been sitting in my loft since we moved in.  I haven't had anything to do with them! 

But then I got an idea...why not just print some stuff out that would fit in them?  There was only one that was bigger than 8x10 so I could just mat that picture, right?  RIGHT!!! 

So I printed out pictures like these....

via bicycle.art.com
via retrotogo.com

via anamorphosis-kate.blogspot.com
via fitkidzclubohio.com

via japaneseart.blogspot.com
 You can print whatever you like... I googled things like vintage art, vintage prints, vintage ice skating art, and then the keep calm and carry on logos.  You could google whatever! 

I then printed them out and cut them to size and look what I ended up with!

Mike's side of the bed

My side of the bed
What do you think? 
I am really pleased with how it turned out.

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