-- Tuttles --

Good Monday Morning Blog Hoggers! 

Did everyone have a nice Halloween?  I hope so.  We had a very Halloween filled weekend so... this week will have a lot of Halloween posts! 

First up...Pumpkin Patching it and the Corn Maze. 

We went to Tuttles on Saturday.  We must be a last minute Halloween/Fall couple....  We got there and all I wanted to do was pick some apples, but they had finished that the weekend before.  So we picked a couple of pumpkins instead. 

We also did a corn maze together.  If you finished the entire card asking questions about honey and bees and pollination, you got a coupon and some honey sticks!  Yumm...

I love Fall... minus the cold.  It's been freezing.  And the change in weather causes me to get headaches...but I still love the fall.  :)

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