-- Stencils in the Bathroom Part 1 --

I've had this stencil that I bought at Michael's forever.  It's been at least a month now.  So last night I had the urge to actually take this project on.

Here is my bathroom when we started... Plain walls, plain accessories, very plain. 

See what I mean... It needed something.  I still think it needs a new shower curtain, but I can't find the right one yet. 

It thought the stencils would be a nice touch though.  I thought I'd put them all over sporadically, but I decided to start at the top and see what happened. 

Well, here's what happened.  I'm not finished, but I think I like it. 

This is your sneak peak! 
I'm hoping to finish the stencils today and the bathroom this weekend!!! 

Happy Weekend Blog Hogs!

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