-- Holiday Wrapping --

How will you wrap your holiday gifts this season? 

Do you wrap in themes?  Colors?  Only Certain Shapes?  Stick on bows or make your own?  What kind of tags do you use? 


I usually have some sort of theme going.  I think last year was blue and silver.  Each package got a nice coordinating ribbon and a silver glittery ornament.  I think I must be an ornament freak.  I'd add them to any package.  When I have kids they'll probably get like 10 a year!  lol.  I think it's because we ALWAYS got one...EVERY year.  I am growing up to find that not everyone does that.  I just thought that's how it was, but apparently not. 

 I've gotten Mike and I an ornament every year we've been together...this will be our 6th Christmas together.  Christmas Eve was our first date.  A lunch date.  Probably didn't think it would last, but here we are.  That's a story for another time. 

So...back to the subject at hand...how will you wrap this year?!? 


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