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So lately I've been feeling VERY drab about the current state of my wardrobe. It's very sad. I've actually been trying to get some staple pieces that I can work around, but I just can't quite find what I'm looking for.

Since we all know I'm a Blog Hog, I follow this other blog though called Style Your Life...maybe you've heard of it?!? Anyways, I probably fell upon it because the woman that does this blog is also a Stella & Dot Stylist. What she does though is way cool. She puts together outfits for every season and usually for the normal person on a budget. By that, I mean, most of the clothes she uses are from stores like Gap and Old Navy. This is perfect!

And the best part about it?!? They usually come in around the $100 mark AND she reuses items. Love it! She may give you a couple different outfit ideas for those pieces.
The other day she put together an ensemble for the family - mom, dad, little brother, little sister, big brother, and big sister. Perfect for picture outfits! Here are some examples of what she's come up with lately.  

All Pictures from Style Your Life
Being Thrifty Thursday I thought I'd feature this blog since it's very thrifty, savvy, and she also features deals and coupons that are available for use! Who doesn't love coupons?

Visit here to see today's Old Navy coupon deal!

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