-- 6 months to go! --

Yesterday I opened up my email to see a message from theknot.com that was titled "6 months to go." I guess I didn't realize it was that close! They said it was time to order invitations, but I decided that I better get to selling my 2nd dress!

I have 2 dresses in my possession right now. I have a Watters dress that I'm trying to sell and a Melissa Sweet dress that I'm going to wear. Well, Mike and I somewhat broke traditions the other night because I have the Watters listed on Ebay and someone asked for pictures of the dress on a person. He was the only one available to take the picture so he got to see me in a wedding dress.

The dress is a bit too big, has never been altered, and obviously not the one that I'll be wearing down the aisle, but he saw me in the ivory dress. He said it made him a little more excited.

If anyone is interested in buying a Watters 1053b Never Worn Ivory Wedding Gown That's never been worn, here is the link to my ebay listing or you can just comment here. I really need to move this dress. :) It's also listed on oncewed.com.

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