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Finally...  A delicious cake shoppe fell right into our laps!  And almost 3/4s of my family was there with me to try it!  School was cancelled for the day so my mom and I took my littlest brother and my dad along cake shopping tasting with us.  We went 2 places -- Nutcracker Sweet Shoppe (and this time they were open for real) and Courtney's Bakery. 

Nutcraker Sweet Shop was a small little place and Karen, the owner was as sweet as they come.  They brought out just about every flavor they had in the back and even offered Michael (my brother) a cupcake of his own.  His favorite was the lemon.  I liked the raspberry the best and that's because it was the most moist.  The others were a bit dry for my tastings, but I'm not a cake person...and my dad liked them all, of course! 

Then we drove up to Courtney's Bakery.  I think she's fairly new to the scene in Fort Wayne having only just recently opened her storefront, but has been doing very well.  And after tasting her cakes, I know why!  They are super fresh and delicious!  They are moist and have a very lightness to them and they almost melt in your mouth!  The icing isn't piercing either.  I don't like icing that makes you cringe.  It has just enough flavor and still had that light, airy, fluffy quality to it.  They also make their flowers like they do on Amazing Wedding Cakes, one of my favorite wedding shows to watch.  They don't used actual flowers, they make them out of sugar and are all edible.  I think they are the first bakery in Fort Wayne that I've come across that do that. 

Anyways, here are a few pictures from Courtney's Bakery and I hope you are as excited as I am to work with her! 

(all pictures are from the Courtney's Bakery Website)

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