Something More

I think I need something more. I'm not sure what. I'm not sure when, but I know I do.

I really enjoy what I'm doing right now. Researching every knook and cranny of the wedding and event scene. I love looking at what bland and boring spaces can be turned into with a vision, I always have. At one point I wanted to be a designer, but I was told that it wasn't as secure market...so here I am, in the government.


I love the whimsy, the dramatic, the modern, the sleek, the elegant, the classical, the dim lit, the well lit, the outdoors, the indoors, the vintage, the new-age, the unique, and overdone! I love it all and I love especially how each one of these adjectives can have their own spin when given a particular person.

I'm thinking about applying for some intern positions or part-time positions at event planning agencies once the wedding is over. I'll have my own experience, know hows, DIY projects, and blog as my experience, but I just can't stop thinking about how much I think I really want to do this.

Most of all, I really think I could bring a different feel to some of the groups that are around here! I have something unique and lighthearted to give. I feel like I could give a sassy look that the the little Indiana towns need and want!

I just thought any readers out there might want to know. I'll work for pennies in the beginning, but someday I may be the next big Martha... Not little miss Martha, but A National Event Design Company. Mike said to me the other day that we were going to be ok, that we were going to do great things...and I can't wait.

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