JCrew Flower Girl Dresses

I love JCrew, don't you?  I think everyone should love JCrew.  They have such classic pieces and are semi-affordable.  This season, they just hit everything perfectly for me!  I could have even purchased a wedding dress from them.  Instead I just found other dresses to round out the wedding party. 

Here's some flower girl dresses that could be great options for your bridal party all found at jcrew.com wedding section or under kids, girls, weddings and parties found here

(All Photos above from JCrew.com)

Dress 1- This is the Girls' silk taffeta Alison dress.  It's off to the side bow is so adorable and would be perfection on any sweet little flower girl.  What I love so much about it is it's subtle simplicity with a touch of out of the ordinary. 
Dress 2-  This is the Girls' silk taffeta Lucienne dress.  First of all I'm a sucker for a name.  I love the name Lucie any way it's spelled.  But this dress just has that something.  It's a bit plain, but in a chic and sophisticated way.  I love the pleated sunburst detail in the middle front.  Very subdued, but sure to be a show stopper in its own way.
Dress 3- This is the Girls' silk taffeta whimsy petal dress.  It's a bit sassy, a bit fun, and of course, a bit whimsy.  I love it because it almost feels like you are going to a salsa dance to me, but to most it would probably feel a bit more like a fairy tale.  It's just got a dancing vibe dress to me.  The petals are made from organza and this dress has an invisible side zip so nothing takes away from the awesome unique front! 
Dress 4- What little girl doesn't look good in a cute little bubble skirt?  This dress is the Girls' silk taffeta Sylvie dress.  It's made from lightweight taffeta, has a gathered silk flower in the middle, starburst pleating a long the front, has tucks along the back, kimono sleeves, and a fitted bodice.  What more could you ask for?  It's definitely adorable and could fit into many different wedding schemes!
Dress 5- This dress is the Girls' silk drop-waist dress.  I love this because it's not your typical flower girl dress.  It's a little bit funky and sassy.  I love the ruffle around the hem at the neck.  Every dress in my wedding has somesort of different bow and while the one here isn't huge, it's a bow.  And I LOVE, absolutely LOVE, the drop waist! 
Dress 6-  This dress came out more recently.  It's the Girls' silk dupioni ruffle-back dress.  The ruffles only show in color.  I'd do ivory.  The front is basically a straight line dress with pockets.  Love.  Very simple so that the back can let it's little light shine!  :) 

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