-- Flower Shoppes --

I'm struggling. 

I love this little flower shop.  Lily and co.  Love them.
Why is it located in...JACKSON HOLE, WYOMING?! 

All the cutest, best, little downhome shoppes are just way out of my reach!  I think I was not meant to live in Indiana!  So once again my search is on for another vendor...a Floral Vendor. 

In Fort Wayne, we have...

but nothing like this --

I want to be able to go in somewhere like this...more like a floral market...and pick what I'm looking for, go home and make what I want to make from it!!!  Where do these places exist?!  Besides Jackson Hole, Wyoming?  If I ever make it there I'm TOTALLY VISITING LILY AND CO!!! AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!! 

But seriously, does anyone know???  I want to have all my ducks in a row when the time comes to make the bouquets, boutonierres, etc so I'm not driving all over timbucktoo to find what I need. 

Are there any other brides out there in the same boat?  Making their own bouquets?  Looking for soemthing other than tele-florist to order resources from???


One of a Kind Wedding Planner said...

You dont' have to just stay with the full service flower shops in Fort Wayne. Try contacting the wedding only floral designers to get you quality product to design for your special day!! I work with Courtney's Bakery in the Bridal Gallery and would love to talk with you. One of a Kind Events specializes in florals that give the bride everything she wants. Give me a call and let's talk.
Linda Maggert AIFD - One of a Kind Events 260-503-9597

honey said...

I don't know that area well but I am positive there is a floral market somewhere! With a little research you should be able to find it and then make your own things. Worst case, hit CostCo. I have known several brides to do that. Arranging flowers is not my strong point so I defer to the professionals (although I have a great floral eye). Good Luck!

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