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Well, the invitations are in the making! I still need order one piece to on the backing. But I do have to say that these invites were a steal. Thanks Martha!

I bought them at Michael's with one of my Bridesmaids, Whitney, on a semi-whim.  They are just a Martha Stewart kit that I'm hoping to take to a higher level by placing on a mocha pocket fold from cards and pockets.

and then backing the invitation on the pocket fold with a chartreuse piece of card stock. Then I'll add a little sass with these flowers from Brides. I think they'll turn out nicely. I'll post them once they're finished.

Until then, I've decided to post on some lovely DIY Letterpress options. The first comes from Lifestyle Craft. It's the L Letterpress kit that is used in conjunction with the Epic Sic Tool. Below is the entire kit.

Another option is this Cuttlebug. Right now there are tons of them for sale on eBay for less than market value (just type in cuttlebug machine). You can use them to emboss the background of your invitations or just an area of the invitation or use them for other crafts! It's mostly used for scrapbooks, but can be adapted to do some DIY embossing and letter pressing!

I think I might try this little cuttlebug out. I'm not sure if the boards that come with it will work for me, but I'm sure there is something you can buy that will work with what I've got.
Any thoughts on the DIY letterpress? I just think Letterpress is so gorgeous and needs to be more accessible and affordable for the average human being! Wouldn't you agree???

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