-- Sunday Morning Coffee -- 1st Edition

Good Sunday Morning! 

I love Sundays.  I love when I wake up, making my coffee, having Mike's special cheesy-salsa-egg (they are delicious!!!), and watching SNL which I had DVR-ed from the night before.  This is my Sunday morning ritual.  Usually. 

Today was much the same.  Although I've been scouring the internet for items to redo my master and guest bedrooms with and watching You've Got Mail. Such a classic, modern love story...before the days of Match.com, Chemistry.com, and whatever other online dating or matching websites there are out there...just chat rooms and email...

Anyways, I think on Sundays I will just try to feature a gorgeous picture, a wonderful photographer, or something that is just all around inspiring.  It could be calligraphy, it could be a wedding, it could be a floral design...basically it could be anything that could inspire something great.  And all Sunday posts will be called Sunday Morning Coffee.  I hope you enjoy.  :)

Today's inspiration is a wedding wish tree.  Here are three beautiful pictures all done a little differently.  They are all from theknot.com

This wishing tree is more of a whimsical setting.  I do like how these branches drape over towards the front of table.  The table setting is done very simple and colofully, yet has everything you need. 

This is my favorite wishing tree setting.  I'm hoping to use a few manzanita branches throughout my centerpieces or decor in general.  I would probably change out the vase, but I love the old wedding pictures.  I am a big fan of nostalga.  I love how the branches kind of have a life of their own as well. 

This last tree is really jus a closer version of the last two.  Anyone can make the tags.  I was thinking about using something that we could have family members or the best man or maid of honor send us throughout our first year of marriage - postcards or notecards of somesort.  Or even having people put things on the wish tree that they wish they'd have done.  So that we can put them in a jar and hopefully not miss out on doing them as well.  Just random thoughts that go through my head at times. 
I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.  Thanks for reading. 

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