I'm going to post every day! - Centerpieces!-

Good Morning Everyone (who doesn't read this blog)...

I've decided from this day forth, I'm going to post every day...even if it's just a picture. Preferably something related to the wedding, but you never know.

Today's --- Pretty centerpiece ideas that I'm thinking about. Here's a few.

I love this long stem vase. This would add depth to a table without blocking the view across which is a huge pet peeve of mine!

I love the simplicity of each and every one of these ideas. They are easy to accomplish and wouldn't take a florist to do! You could do it yourself with your own bridal team!

This is an absolute favorite of mine due to the rich colors and volume that this setup brings to the table! I love the alternative to just plain old tea light candles...they've now been lifted off the table and are done so with clear modern candle holders. Also an arrangement that you and your mother could do! :)

As the budget has been blown from day one I'm afraid, I'm a huge fan of DIY projects! Well, who am I kidding, this blog is titled Little Miss Martha, I've always been a fan of those kind of projects!

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