-- Miss to Mrs? --

How many of you are planning on changing your name?  I promised Mike I am.  But seriously isn't Kellermeyer the longest name EVER!?!?  It's 2 in 1!  I always thought I'd either hyphenate or just keep my last name; there's always been some sort of feminist in me.  But I guess I have 2 brothers to carry on the Hake last name so I shouldn't really be worried about it, right? 

I do keep reading everywhere that it's a colossal pain in the arse to change it!  What's that all about?!  Why does everything revolving around marriage have to be such a pain? 

Yesterday though, to maybe help in this painful process and to look towards the future, I entered into an online comment contest to win a gift card to MissNowMrs.com that covers the complete cost of the online services to changing your name.  Maybe this will make the transition a bit smoother.  Who knows?!  I guess it's worth looking into a bit more.  I mean, Mike did ask me to take his last name on our 3rd date...weird, I know.

PS... I entered the contest here.

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