Father's Day DIY : Sharpie Mug

My husband is not going to be home for Father's day.  This to me equals less making special of this day.  Just sayin'  Sorry if that offends you.

But... since I do love to DIY and I do love my husband and I think he should get something special, we - and by "we" I mean "I" - am working on some Sharpie mugs for him.  They are personal, fun, and he loves coffee so it works!

We are also having pictures taken... SHHHHH!!!
(See, still a good wife)

I saw this cute design over at From Gardners to Bergers and just had to try it out.


All you need is some mugs, some sharpies, and an oven.
Easy Peasy.

I had a mug that I grabbed from Michael's laying around but then grabbed two more from Goodwill to play around with.

The first mug I pretty much went with the design on the tutorial I found...
Just start doodling...

But it was so fun, an so easy that I decided to test my skills...
I thought this would be fun for Mr K... Sorry -- It was hard to photograph!
He'll get it if you don't!

Then I saw this on Pinterest...


And here's my version...

I love it!  I even snuck an "e" in there for Ells! 
Can you see it?

And lastly, put in oven for 30 min at 350 degrees!  I did see somewhere that you should put it in there when you turn the oven on so it can heat up at the same time as the oven is... not sure if that's necessary or not, but I went ahead and did it.

Now we have coffee mugs for days!  Mr K can have all three!  But what an easy, fun, personal gift!

Any DIY Father's day gifts you've done?

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