Scenes From My Weekend & A Birthday Giveaway!

This was a very full and very HOT weekend. 

It's like every summer I forget how HOT it gets!  I'm not complaining complaining because it was really COLD this winter... Like so COLD and when it was the COLDEST, our heat went out and it took 3 days to fix it because of the wait lists from all the other peoples heat going out too!  So I will not complain about how HOT it is... I just can't. 

But.. that being said, we were outside all day on Saturday.  It was HOT.  Like so hot that I now have a racer back tan line down the middle of my back. 

Here's my weekend in pictures...
And a Birthday Giveaway at the very very end!  :)  Enjoy! 

Finished Ella's Big Girl Room -- For Real -- on Thursday.
And I'm very happy with how it turned out!
I'll probably be posting it next week on the blog!

PBS Kids in the Park.
95 degrees or something like that.
Long long lines.
Hot Toddler.
Made the best of it!

Figured we were within walking distance and would stop by since we were down there.
Still around 100 degrees out.
Got snubbed by the teens doing face paint.

Had some Coffee...
Got my hair done...
Hung out by the pool...
Got my face painted....by toddler.

And because I'm hitting the big 30 on Wednesday, I thought I'd throw in a HOT giveaway! 
Up for Grabs is a FREE ENGRAVABLE NECKLACE from Little Miss Martha!!!
It's something New from Stella & Dot... I love them... They are Summer Proof IE Water & Sunscreen proof... and you need one!  So here's your chance to get one!
And it's my first time using Rafflecopter, so please let me know if there are issues!!!


Celeste said...

I might have my favorite Bible verse engraved on it or my initials.

owlblvd said...

I would want mine to say Shannon.. super cute! love your blog, abby!

Tracy R said...

Mine would say Diana. I would get this for my friend Diana who sadly had most of her jewerly stolen recently. This would help her feel a little better!

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