I think I have a thing for animals.  They tend to appear all over my house.

A while back, I found this lovely little horse at Whimsy, an antique shop in Noblesville. 

It has so much character and cuteness and since I still lust over this piece that Janell from Isabella & Max Designs had in her office, I figured it would work somewhere in my house.

And while that lizard zebra bench is my favorite thing ever -- I hope she didn't sell it when they decided to downsize -- My little horse will have to do for now! 

But the horse was brown... Like a blah brown that needed some life. 

I found this chalk paint that you can get a Michael's (and use a 40% off coupon DUH!).  Actually scratch that -- My friend Morgan found it and we go buy it together at lunch. haha.

It's an amazing deal at around or under $5! 
And it goes on so smoothly and covers so well!  I didn't sand or anything!

And now it's back next to the sofa all pretty and new.

In this lighting it looks a little more blue, but that's ok since the color scheme is blues, grays, & teals at the moment so it works!

And a little staging that will soon be gone and thrown on the floor by the little one...

Sorry Nester, yes, you fall to the floor so my "Princess Anna" or "Princess Elsa" has a pony to ride... But so does "Sh** My Dad Says" so you shouldn't feel bad.  And I promptly pick up in between pony rides!

But PS... have you read The Nester's new book?!?  It's AWESOMESAUCE!  Like seriously... I will say that I wasn't going to get the book and my friend talked me into it and I am in love with it!  You should check it out! 

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House Seven said...

Okay, I'm loving him!! We need a shopping day :)

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