Summer is Here with Stella & Dot!

Happy Monday Everyone!

And it is just that!

I got to sleep in a little bit this morning – beyond my normal 5am wake up call – by total accident! I think I was cuddling with little Louie in bed and just turned off my alarm! Ooops! But that can either make or break the beginning of your week and I think I’m going to make sure it “makes” it!

There are some new and exciting things happening at Stella & Dot these days and I can’t remember the last time we had so much to talk about so today I’ll share!

FIRST! New Products!

Not only did we introduce my favorite necklace, The Elodie, in a new silver version, but we also now offer our amazingly versatile Cleopatra Studs in silver as well!

I’ve been wearing my vintage gold ones all weekend and I just love them! They are a perfect everyday stud! And who doesn’t need an everyday Stud, right?!

We also now have ENGRAVABLES! Yes, you read that correctly… customizable engraved necklaces! And just recently they were plucked from the neck of our Chief Creative Officer by the editors of Vogue. So… keep an eye out!

But you don’t have to wait to order yours… if you MUST HAVE ONE… which believe me, you MUST! You can just contact me! At this moment, only stylists can put the orders in for them so let’s get yours going! They are saying they should only take 4-6 days too AND should soon be on the same delivery schedule as the rest of our amazing jewels!

Then I have my Mystery Hostess show going right now! For every $50 you spend at this link - - you will be entered to win the Coral Cay Necklace which is sold out right now! The show ends June 30th so shop now! And when you spend $50, you’ll also be earning DOT DOLLARS!

And DOT DOLLARS are so fun that you can shop now and shop later! They are good to use July 8th-15th!

And I can’t forget about our AMAZING Summer Sale that is going on right now! There are so many awesome Statements available at 40+% off! You need to go check the SALE out right now… seriously… go! NOW!

So that’s the fun new product info! But now, what?! I mean what do we have for those who don’t just buy? Like hostesses and stylists?

Well first, we have HOSTESS BONUS DAYS through the end of the month so you will get an extra $50 in hostess rewards when you host a show this month on top of the average $250.

Then we have our EXTRA $100 for new stylists! So when you join us on this amazing adventure in June you’ll get $450 in product credits vs the usual $350 AND you’ll be becoming a part of an awesome group of encouraging, smart, sassy women entrepreneurs AND you’ll be having fun as a Stylist and meeting new people and drinking wine and having fun… OH and making money while you are doing all that fun having!! Drinking wine not necessary, just a perk!

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