Happy Birthday To Me & PBS Kids In The Park

Well it's here. 

My Birthday. 
(Make sure you go enter the giveaway from Monday!  http://goo.gl/ABtoxl)

I'm leaving my 20s and entering my 30s.
I started the day with an extra 30 min of sleep.  I felt like it. 
Then I grabbed a bux.  My favorite.  Black Blonde. 
That sounds dirty. 

Bad segway to a children's event!  It happens!

Saturday we headed downtown which we don't trek to that often and we attended the PBS Kids In The Park at White River State Park sponsored by WFYI.  Aside from the heat it was pretty fun. 

We started with this clown... I signed up for a Gymboree free trial class that I'm sure I'll post about... and while I did that, Ella had some interesting responses to this clown.  It was priceless.  For some reason, she freezes and gets really quiet and avoids eye contact when it comes to people dressed up in costume. 

And I'm loving this "Hmmm...." look like "I could handle this bike!"
Man am I going to have my hands full with this girl!

While attempting to avoid ALL LINES we found a cute little animal show. 
We did join in the middle of it so there was no shade left to sit under. 

We watched until this guy came out... I forget his name.  He only fluffed up when the lady got close to people.  It was actually kind of funny.  Like he knew when to show off.

We got lots of coloring pages!  Every time you waited in line, we got one. 
So actually thinking back we got 3. 
We only waited in lines that seemed "luckily short" and when the character was coming within 10 min. 

Family Photo Op!

This one was first... it was too sunny so we turned around and did the one above.

The family pics were while we were in line to meet Wonder Red! 
I'm not even sure which show she's on!  HAH
Ella gave her a high five.

Then froze...
Like usual.

Dance Break while waiting for Cat in The Hat.

We only waited for him like 15 min total and it was quick and painless...
Minus the scorching sun.

Did you see that she warmed up a bit?!? 
But seriously... you should see the Santa & Easter Bunny photos.

And this dog had no line.  I have no idea who he is.  I just know that it was a dog, she sat on his lap, and there was no line! NO LINE! 
Yes we would love to take our picture with you! 

And that was that.  Will we go next year?  Unsure... but it was free. 
And it was a gorgeous day with my family! 

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