Friday Favorite : Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

This might be one of my favorite DIY blogs.  I know, I know... I probably say that about everyone!
But this girl can do anything!  She's amazing!

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
I've been following her for maybe a little over a year?  Maybe longer... but I found her after she won the Creating for the Stars Challenge last year.

I love that she tackles anything!  And tries anything!  And rarely seems to fail!

When she made these curtains, I almost went out and bought all the supplies, but knew mine would not turn out as good.  She did provide a free download of the stencil which made the process even more tempting!


When she made this chandelier, I was sold.  I need more time to try to make something like this.. but would you know that it was DIY?


Then she posted these printables and I decided they needed to be some in my home.. A second one might be getting printed shortly!  They cost $7 to have printed at Staples.


And here they are in my house!

And those are just three of my favorite projects she's done!  There are plenty more on her blog!  So hop on over and check out Sarah!  What she does with some things will seriously blow your mind!

Now off to cater to my sick child now... we have a cough that won't go away.

Happy Friday!

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