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Wow.  My living room is clean.  Well picked up that is.  And if you are good, you will still see the many imperfections lingering in this room.  So I apologize if you clue into those... I took these pictures this morning at 5:25am before I left for work so they are a little dark and some are grainy because I took them on my phone. 

I had every intention of taking them last night in better light and with my real camera, but that was a no go with my sinus/allergies/headache mess that had settled in yesterday.  Finally took some Allegra D and am starting to feel a little bit better! 

But this has been a post that is a long time coming.  Usually this room is a mess.  It's the first room you see opening the door.  It's a dropping zone.  It's where we LIVE, hence Living Room.  But I went on a mad cleaning spree this weekend and 2 days into the week it's still clean! 

So... without further ado...
Our living room

This is the view looking in from the kitchen/dining area.
My boyfriend sits over the TV.  I think I'd like to add something up there, but am still unsure what.   

If you look directly right when you walk in, here's what you'll see.  My sunburst mirror wall. 
I think this wall brings together all the mixed wood tones and golds going on in the room.
It also sort of anchors it.

Here's the view from just walking into the door. 

I'm in love with my new-ish ladder. 
I got it from The Vintage Farmhouse in Zionsville and I absolutely adore it! 
It works perfectly for our blankets and adds a little character and country at the same time.

Here's my little what I call nook.  This chair is orange underneath. You might remember it from my craigslist finds years ago.  It's a pottery barn wing chair and I love it, but the color doesn't work. 
And quite frankly neither does this slipcover.  We have two black dogs an a child and for some reason everything clings to this chair - chocolate milk, dog hair you name it.  I recently ordered a navy slipcover but decided against it becasue the fabric was a canvas and almost hard.

Any thoughts on how to re-do this chair on the cheap? 
I have a few, but I always love suggestions!  

Clearly I have a child... Hello Mickey!

Another view from the Kitchen.  I really do love how this space has changed for the better over the years.  It's on it's second coat of paint and pretty much the same furniture since we've moved in. 

I did recently make this end table and I'm seriously loving it too! 
Someday I'll get to that on the blog -- easiest process ever!

My recently updated horse with the tassel on his ear. 
Yesterday Ella said to me "Mommy, you painted my horse" and I said, "Yes I did!"
It cracked me up that she (1) just noticed it and (2) left it alone because it was a different color! 
Crazy Kid!

And lastly a new addition to the coffee table!  A while back wrote about dressing a coffee table. 
This is the best I could do on limited resources!  I had the antler.  Think about tipping it with gold. 
I found that copper creamer at goodwill the other day for 49 cents!  Steal! 
And the book is an old Reader's Digest that I've started collecting from Goodwill for Maeve.
I love the patterns that are on them! 

The tray painting tutorial is on it's way!  Love this tray, also from Goodwill - $3.99.
In Navy, now it POPS! 

So there she is... my humble living room.  Very simple, plain, kinda blah if you ask me but the little details all over seem to be helping.  Loving my new succulents too!  Hoping I don't kill them since they are inside! 

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