Thirty before 30 (recap)

Quick recap..
We are down to about 13 days!  GASP!  It's coming!

But not only that, my list is not making much progress.

So I've BOLDED the things I think I can probably accomplish.

Hopefully I'll have photos to go with most... ;)

Thirty Before 30

1. Participate in a race
2. Travel somewhere we haven’t been
3. Go to a concert
4. Treat myself to a massage - 5.3.14
5. Weekend Getaway with Spouse
6. Have a Garage Sale or Take things to Consignment! Clean House!
7. Get a facial.
8. Go on a girls trip
9. Reorganize a space in the house completely
10. Start a Summer Tradition
11. Make a fitness goal and achieve it! Run 3x a week for 3 weeks
12. Get out of Debt
13. Visit a State Park
14. Visit a National Park
15. Host a Brunch
*Tentatively Scheduled for June 21st
16. Try a new restaurant
17. Get at least 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep
18. Go to a professional sporting game
*Indians Game in June
19. Unplug for a weekend - Kind of for Memorial Day
20. Volunteer somewhere - 5.2.14
21. Learn how to take better pictures. 
*Signed up for an online class but it starts in July :(
22. Write in Journal once a week for a month.
23. Have a date night.
24. Go to a drive-in movie.
25. Go to the FW Zoo.
26. See a play
27. Have a picnic
*Sunday at Forest Park, my favorite park!
28. Go to Chicago
29. Get a Haircut & Style!
30. Finish Divergent Series
*I'm on page 113 of book 3!

OK!  Off to reorganize a space!  ;)

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